SPF / Douglas Fir / Hemlock

Skana Forest Products is an international distributor of quality forest products.

Whether it be random lengths, low grade, studs, #2 BTR, Premium or MSR; retail yards, truss plants and wall panel manufacturers alike,  have always looked to us for their needs. We can supply you with SPF/DF/HF/ SYP in 2 X 4 through 2 X 12.

  • Framing Lumber
  • Pallet Manufacturing
  • Furniture
  • Rig Mats: Since 2009 Skana has been a reliable and trusted supplier of lumber to the matting industry.
  • Other

We operate a reload in Buffalo, NY where we offer a full inventory of dimensional SPF / DF to handle just in time needs and can offer heavily mixed loads.

Skana does Forward Pricing for the US market where we can lock in your pricing for up to 1 yr on many SPF commodities to ensure you are covered during volatile markets and guarantee your profit.

SPF / Douglas Fir / Hemlock

Framing Lumber/ Trusses
Pallet Manufacturing
Rig Mats

Other Products

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