Heating Pellets

Skana is committed to supplying the highest quality home heating pellet to our customers. Together we contribute to a cleaner environment through the use of our sustainable and renewable fuel source.

In todays competitive business we pride ourselves in offering our customers the highest quality home heating pellet. Once manufactured at  the mill we then warehouse in our Canadian locations in Alberta and Quebec. We strive to fulfill your just-in-time order requirements from our year-round warehoused inventory.

Our Quality

At Skana we represent numerous Pellet Mills and Sawmills located throughout North America. All mills must manufacture to exceed the consistency and high quality that we and our customers demand. All wood fibre used in the manufacture of our pellets has high sap content which ensures a high BTU value and a low level of residual ash.

Softwood Pellets vs Hardwood Pellets

While hardwood is the fuel of choice in traditional firewood the same cannot be said for heating pellets. As education spreads further into the consumer market so too does the demand for softwood heating pellets.

Softwood pellets burn hotter

  • A hardwood log of the same size as a softwood log is denser due to the moisture contained in the softwood log
  • By drying and compressing the fibres of both logs they become equally dense
  • Depending on species, softwood usually has 10 – 20% more BTU per weight than hardwood due to the higher concentration of lignin’s that ignites a higher temperature
  • By being the same compression it is safely concluded that most Softwood pellets will burn hotter

Softwood pellets burn cleaner

  • Our softwood fibres have virtually no impurities or bark in the raw material used in manufacture allowing for less ash in the burning of pellets
  • When burned in appliances Softwood pellets generate less harmful airborne particulate emissions than Hardwood
  • The majority of fibre used is each mills own residual fibre from their manufacture of lumber

Softwood pellets (available at Skana) are readily available

  • Skana continues to warehouse pellets throughout the year. While many of our customers order only during the heating season out accumulated inventory ensures availability
  • Our sawmills continue to produce lumber throughout the year allowing for fibre to be available for the manufacture of pellets

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