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Since 2009 Skana Forest Products has been producing 8’ X 14’ Oak and Fir Hybrid Access Mats. We pride ourselves in using high quality materials and workmanship to build a superior finished product.

We make several configurations of 8’x14’ access mats using 1-3/4” x 7-3/4” rough Midwestern dense hardwoods and Douglas Fir.

All our mats are assembled using approximately 190 – 3/8” x 6” carriage bolts (Nickel Plated) positioned diagonally for additional rigidity. After fastening with a washer and nut, the bolts are broken off flush with the surface, distorting the threads to resist loosening.

The two mat configurations that seem most cost effective are the Hybrid and the Light Hybrid.

The Hybrid uses Douglas Fir for the top & bottom layers, with dense hardwood for the corners, and inner core.

Loadings: 40 – 45/ Super B, 25-30/Maxi, 20-25/Reg. Flatbed

Our Light Hybrid has the same configuration for the top and bottom layers, with an inner core of Douglas Fir.

Loadings: 45– 50/ Super B, 30-35/Maxi, 25-30/Reg. Flatbed

Typically we manufacture with three fingers on the bottom for interlocking mats, that configuration can be modified if requested/ordered.

Our mat inventory is in Herbert, SK, between Swift Current and Moose Jaw, on the Trans-Canada Highway.

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