Christian Owens

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As a second generation lumber trader, it seemed natural after University to follow my father’s footsteps into the Lumber Industry. I started at Skana Forest Products in 2005 as a first full-time Traffic Coordinator (also known as rookie in training) and made the switch to Lumber Trader in 2006.

Over the last decade, I have focused on developing long-term relationships with my customers and suppliers; built on honesty and quality of service. Most of my business has some connection to whitewoods in Western Canada.  However, I have tried to stay diverse in the products I provide and the industries I supply.  These include: framing lumber, studs, low grades, MSR, boards, and appearance grades for retail, industrial, manufacturing, and export overseas.

I have a Bachelor of Arts from the University of British Columbia and have completed the NAWLA Wood Basics and the CMSA Lumber Grading courses.

In my imagination, my hobbies include escaping outdoors, biking, reading, and playing guitar. In reality, most of my time is split between renovations and the hobbies of my two young children, who are somehow simultaneously keeping me young and causing me to go grey.